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Understanding Different Types of Alimony in a Florida Divorce

Posted on May 6, 2019 at 8:35 PM

Usually called spousal support, alimony can also be termed maintenance. It generally allows a spouse with a superior financial position to support a spouse after the end (and sometimes during) the marriage. Alimony is also meant to maintain the lower-earning spouses lifestyle/standard of living they grew accustomed to before the divorce.

In Florida, there are 6 different types of alimony available to the lower-earning spouse: temporary, bridge the gap, lump sum, rehabilitative, durational, and permanent periodic.

Many different factors affect the award of alimony, including the duration of the marriage, living standards of the couple during the marriage, age of the parties, marital and non-marital assets, the need for career training or retraining, and the contributions each spouse made to the marriage.

If you are currently undergoing a Florida divorce, and believe alimony may be awarded- or would like it to be- you should contact us immediately.

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